I approach healing and "Whole-ing" with a heart-centered, soul-to-soul connection, and I focus on my clients' subtle energies and energetic patterns to create tangible shifts in their lives that brings more ease and comfort. I'm adept at hearing, feeling and sensing what my clients are reaching for in their life's journey. I have supported hundreds of people in identifying - and then making - powerful breakthroughs in a short amount of time. The energies I work with, by communicating within the quantum field,  serve as a catalyst to propel my clients towards the changes they desire.  My purpose is dedicated to connecting humanity to its true, loving and joyful essence. 

I see clients in person as well as work over the phone or on Skype.  The sessions have the same outcomes and healing results. 

Kat is such a talented healer! I was in need of help with myself and was amazing how she, even being in the other side of the sea could connect with my energy field. She knew exactly what was going on and was able of removing the blockages she felt in me. I am very grateful to her amazing labor! Totally recommended. 

Kat é uma curandeira super talentosa! Eu estava precisando de ajuda comigo mesma e foi maravilhoso como ela, mesmo desde o outro lado do oceano, pode se conectar com meu campo energético. Ela soube exatamente o que estava a acontecer e foi capaz de remover os bloqueios que sentiu em mim. Estou muito agradecida com sua labor maravilhosa. Totalmente recomendo!

Kat es una sanadora super talentosa! Estaba necesitando ayuda conmigo misma y fue inceible como ella, aún estando al otro lado del océano, fue capaz de conectarse con mi campo energético. Supo exactamente qué estaba pasando y fue capaz de remover los bloqueos que sintió en mi. Estoy muy agradecida con su labor maravillosa. La recomiendo totalmente!

Valeria B, Portugal.

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Wishing you majestic flow.